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When it comes to home window replacement, there’s no better choice than Longwood Windows & Doors! We have served Longwood, Florida for many years now and have become THE local, trusted name in windows and glass doors. We have many styles and colors to chose from so that your home will be beautiful and energy-efficient!

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High quality door replacement and installation for homeowners!

Longwood Window Replacement Service

Whether you’re buying a new home, renovating your current one, or are just ready to increase the energy efficiency of your home, we are here to help with all your door and window replacement and installation needs.  Over time, windows and doors age, and they can warp, change shape, and develop gaps. All of this leads to significant energy inefficiency in your home and a rise in your energy bills.  If you notice the glass on your older windows and doors becoming foggy, drafts coming through them, or rust and wear on the rails and frame, give us a call today and one of our window and door experts can go over your options.

When you install new windows and doors in your home, you’ll enjoy both increased curb appeal, as well as a rise in the value of your home. We’ve been helping homeowners in the Longwood area update their windows and doors with the latest in energy saving technology, and we want to be able to do the same for you!

Quality Window and Door Brands

Not all doors and windows are created equal, and we take pride in only using the best-known brands that stand up to the test of time. When you replace your windows and doors, it should be a once-in-a-lifetime need, and we make sure of that by providing you the best home and window door replacement service possible.

Windows in particular need to be able to withstand the extremes of temperature, both hot and cold. In the winter you don’t want to lose warmth, and in summer, you want the cold air of your AC unit to be working inside your house, not out. All the windows we use are highly efficient, and made from the best materials, like triple-glazed glass, to make sure that you are comfortable in your home for years to come. They also are tough enough to take strong winds that occur nearly every year, withstand UV rays from the sun, and oxidation from pollution or natural causes.

Even miles from the coastline, salt-filled mists can deteriorate many metal frames. We offer a variety of vinyl and fiberglass frame options to combat this, and other elements of Florida living. These state-of-the-art frames have proven to be stronger and more durable than almost any other material on the market. Fiberglass is also one of the most resistant to salt, high temperatures, the sun’s rays, and expansion or contraction due to the heat. Be sure to have us show you the comparison with other construction materials.

There are also now many more casement style windows coming in custom made shapes and styles that add architectural uniqueness to your home. You can choose many very unique styles and have them made to fit the opening you have for the perfect fit and style that matches your decor.

Longwood Door Replacement Service

The Most Durable Doors for Lasting Beauty

Ready to update those old, weathered external doors on your home? We use doors made from the latest in materials, like our lineup of fiberglass units, ready to be installed on your home. When you use fiberglass, you’ll never have to worry about paint chipping or peeling, wood warping, or the door rotting over time.

They are structurally stronger than wood while being lighter, more energy efficient, more durable, moisture resistant, pollution resistant and impervious to the salt air near the coast. They come in standard doors, replacement sliding doors for patios, exact replacement windows, and many hundreds of architectural styles that would be impossible to manufacture in any other material.

If Hurricanes Are A Worry, High-Impact Windows Are For You

We also install high-impact windows for those that are in areas that experience hurricane force winds. These windows have unique multi-layered panes with impact-resistant glass that has been treated and tested explicitly in hurricane-like conditions. They can withstand not only high winds but the flying debris that is actually more dangerous than the wind itself. In many cases, these windows can save you money since you won’t need to purchase storm shutters, plywood panels, or roll-down window guards to protect your home in a storm.

Storms with high-velocity winds often strike many parts of Florida. Longwood and most of Seminole County can find themselves at risk of flooding, and other storm-related issues. Most insurance companies have insisted on homes having higher deductibles, more protection, and stronger windows. This saves them money on claims, and they sometimes will offer discounts on homes that have gone the extra mile to be protected. Ask your insurance agent for details.

These impact-resistant windows are built to the highest standards and also approved to be installed in designated hurricane zones. They are still beautiful, easy to open and close, and maintenance is a breeze as well. Ask us to demonstrate the durability of these windows when we visit your home for an estimate. In many areas now, the Florida Building Code will require hurricane proof windows or other protection installed when you buy new windows. If you’re in one of the designated hurricane zones, you likely already know of this requirement. Our window sales professionals are also aware of the zones and what is required to meet the specifications.

High-Impact Glass Prevents Theft

This same high-impact feature of the windows and frames can also deter most burglars that choose to enter through your windows. They won’t be able just to break the window with a rock, reach in, and gain entry.

It will take lots of impact, create plenty of noise, and attract the attention of all of your neighbors. Still, the burglars won’t be able to get in due to the hurricane force protection that these windows provide. They’ll keep you and your family safe during break-ins and hurricanes, so you can rest easy.

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Whether you need new, stronger, more energy efficient windows to protect you from crime or the weather, we can help. We have high-impact doors, higher efficiency windows, and offer all kinds of repair on all brands, types, and materials of windows and doors. Call us for an estimate today.

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